How to get more leads from Google My Business

If you’re a trade, construction or service professional looking to get the most out of your marketing efforts then it should come as no surprise that modern times means getting creative. For starters take Google My Business (GMB), an easy-to-use digital tool for managing and listing businesses online which is completely free! GMB provides all sorts of benefits; from enabling quick updates on a company’s services, hours open etc., through to providing reviews from customers in real time about their experience with your business – even if they’ve just walked past without stopping in front.

  • Save time with Google My Business
  • Get more reviews in real-time for your business
  • Increase customer satisfaction and build relationships
  • Reach a global audience all by paying only local rates!

So you might ask so what is Google My Business, here is a quick summary on how GMB can help you: When your potential client uses Google to search for your product/service in their local area, they will see the GMB results (also called the Map Pack or Snack Pack). What better way is there than having more clients that are close to you?

There are several reasons why having a Google My Business listing can be so integral to your company. Without one, you’re risking missed opportunities for customers who may not have the time or knowledge of how to find you on their own via other means like social media sites

One reason is that it makes it easier than ever before for people searching online to contact small businesses they want to support in person. Another has been explained by John Battelle himself: “This is where we live now.” The introduction of smartphones and tablets have made internet usage more common, giving birth to an increasing trend towards research first then buy (which includes search).

It’s been said that Google is king. And if you think about it, when was the last time we Googled something without first clicking on one of those ads? Nonetheless, with all this power and control over our browsing habits there are still a few drawbacks to be aware of – namely how difficult it can sometimes be to find what we’re looking for in an online store.

Fortunately though, as technological advancements continue at their rapid pace – new tools have emerged which make finding (and purchasing) products easier than ever before! One such tool is called “Google My Business” or GMB for short, where customers like us take advantage not only great product reviews but also location-based data gathered from search engine queries.

At first glance, Google My Business appears to be an easy platform for local trade professionals. However, the truth is that many of these tradies are not using this tool properly and have failed in their jobs as business owners by neglecting key aspects such as updating information or building a following on social media sites like Facebook.

Not only does it provide customers with vital contact details but also allows businesses to build customer relations through direct interactions via email or phone which would otherwise cost them money!

In this article, we’ll show you how to use your Google My Business profile as a marketing tool for growing your business and attracting more customers. Along the way, we’ll explain why it’s essential that you take advantage of everything that GMB has to offer in order to succeed online.

Adding/Updating Basic Information to your Google My Business Listing

The more you know, the higher your chances of success. If customers are looking for a tradesman or builder near them and they find an inaccurate listing with wrong contact information then it will be unlikely that they’ll check out other listings on Google My Business because there is no point wasting their time if this person doesn’t have what we need.

  • Get more customers, higher conversion rates and get your business on the map
  • Keep customers happy with accurate information that will help them find what they are looking for
  • Increase website traffic by optimising Google My Business listings
  • Improve inbound leads to your company

It may sound like a no-brainer but getting the right business information listed in Google My Business accounts can make all the difference between having potential clients come to our website or not!

When a customer searches your business, they will see this info. In order to manage it from one central location you’ll need to log in and go here: the Info section on the left-hand side panel. Once there, be sure that all of your information is up-to-date so people know what’s going on with you!

Google my business

Let’s start at the top with your business name and industry. It’s essential to make sure that the company name is listed on all of your social media platforms, as this helps Google find you when someone looks for businesses in a certain sector.

Below this there will be an option to select which category best describes what type of work you do – “Primary” means that it encompasses most or all aspects of our services; “Secondary” refers to something we also offer but don’t usually specialize in (eg: web design).

Main Elements to add on in your info section


Next, it’s imperative that you review your location and service areas. Google has an excellent system for accurately placing businesses in its Maps interface- but human error can still occur.

Service areas

Google penalizes businesses who falsify their service area information. It may seem tempting to expand your business hours and services, but Google will often automatically add the wrong address or list false information about you on maps when creating a listing for your company. Make sure that what is displayed in the search engine matches up with reality before moving forward with any other changes!


In today’s fast paced world, it is essential to have your emergency hours listed on Google My Business profile. Add these important details below the ‘Category’ you choose for your business before adding any holiday-specific hours so that potential customers can see exactly when they should contact you if an urgent need arises.

Below this section of the page, upload any special holiday times that might not be in regular business time but could offer an opportunity for extra work such as public holidays where many people want dinner delivered or Christmas when they just don’t feel like cooking themselves!

More hours

Next, add or update your points of contact. Phone numbers and website addresses are straightforward to include in a profile – but many businesses neglect an easy way to help customers locate them and visit their store; this can be accomplished by adding what’s known as the “middle option” seen below. If you have a long name that may confuse potential visitors, or complicated address information, enter it here so they’ll know how find-and-visit your business when searching for Google results!

This is most often used with smaller stores who don’t want people driving all over town looking for them if they didn’t find out about the company through internet searches on google (or other search engines).

Phone number

Make sure you add the right phone number to your business listing. This may sound easy but often people neglect to add in phone numbers. The number you add must be the business number.

Your Business Description – Google My Business

Describing your business might be the most important part of any GMB listing. It explains what you do and why customers should invest their time in it, too!

Not all of us are great story tellers, but we sure can use words to describe what our business does. With just 750 characters available to tell your business’s story, this description needs to be easy to understand and straight-forward so that customers will immediately know if you’re the right fit for them.

Customers will only see the first 250 characters of your posting until they opt into viewing more by clicking or tapping on it; therefore frontloading relevant information is key in order not lose potential customers before their eyes even reach further down!

First 3 things they want to know when they arrive on your listing are:

  1. What does your business do?
  2. Who do they cater to?
  3. Why are they the right choice?

The best way to create your business description is by first asking yourself what you don’t need. Break down everything about your company and the type of customer it caters to, then go back through all that information until only those essential points remain in order for them not be too long or have any unnecessary sentiments attached.

Cover Photos, Logos and Promotional Content for your listing

There’s no such thing as a one-size fits all Google My Business profile. It’s up to you and your business identity, but the following tips can work for any kind of tradie, builder or service professionals.

Know what makes you stand out from other businesses in your field – whether that be with visual content like photos showcasing specific features on each job site; videos demonstrating how something works post installation; or testimonials highlighting why customers love working with you. Regardless if it is images of past projects, demos done by company experts or customer reviews—showcase this diversity!

  • Enhance visibility with quality content
  • Be seen as a leader in the field
  • Build trust and credibility with customers
  • Increase leads by standing out
  • Increase engagement with your customers
  • Show off what you have to offer
  • Reach a wider audience

If there are particular languages spoken at home then include these where appropriate so people who speak those tongues may feel more connected to your business.

The best way to get your business noticed is with the right logo and cover photo.

How do you want people looking at your profile? Do they see a blurry picture that was taken years ago or should it be clear for an inviting introduction of what’s inside? You can start by adding an appropriate logo and cover photo, just click on Photos in My Business Profile.

If you want Google to choose the best image for your cover photo, it’s key that they see how many times people are viewing and liking their work. Upload a desired picture first before any others so Google can decide from there which one is most popular!

Google My business website

We know you already have a website but inside the Google My Business platform you can create a business website where you can add further information to your potential clients. This is another great way to tell Google that you are legit and you took the time to create the Google My Business website. This is just another small factor to tell Google more about your business. This website wont take you longer than 15 minutes to build as you are very limited to what you can do. But be rest assured that these websites do add another level of authority to your GMB

  • Allow your clients to get up-to-date information about you
  • Increase the trust factor with Google My Business sites
  • Create authority and credibility with GMB’s
  • Make it easier for customers to find your business on google maps

Housekeeping, Updating Information and Getting Reviews

The internet is constantly changing, so it’s important to change with the times and keep up your online presence. You can go back anytime to edit or add information about what you’re offering; this way everyone will be able see that you care about staying current!

Encouraging reviews is another great way of keeping your GMB listing current, so take any chance you can to ask clients to review you on Google. Take care to respond actively and constructively with the right attitude in order for potential customers see that it’s an opportunity for improvement based off what paying customer have say about their experience. We have a perfect strategy to help you to generate more reviews, ask us how!

Running a successful Google My Business profile can be as simple as any other social platform. You likely have Facebook, Instagram accounts and even websites- why not GMB? If you want to engage potential clients and grow your reach just like on social media, then it’s all the same with running a GMB listing!

To help you get the most out of your profile, or quickly revisit it in future, we’ve put together this helpful quick start checklist to make optimizing as easy as possible. Hopefully following these tips and tricks will give you a leg up on one of the best free marketing tools available for trade construction service businesses.

  1. Confirm your GMB listing has been claimed, verified and enabled
  2. Business details added (Name, Industry, Category, Location/s, Service Area, Business hours, Emergency Hours, Contact Info and Service Options)
  3. Short (250 character) Business Description added and updated)
  4. Long (250 character) Business Description added and updated)
  5. Products and Services added or updated
  6. Unique Business Information added or updated
  7. Cover Photos, Logos & Promotional Content added or updated
  8. All reviews responded to with positive replies
  9. Listing updated, and additional information added or updated
  10. Adding new images weekly
  11. Doing social posts weekly
  12. Adding Q&A to your listing

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