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What is Google My Business?

Some people still think that advertising on their website or social media page is the only option they have, but there are many other ways to increase your local business. One of these methods includes Google My Business which can help you reach thousands of potential customers in South Africa. It’s a great way for start-up and established companies alike to extend their online reach!

The Click Matters team has proven experience with highly increasing chances at appearing in the most desired Google 3-pack – where you want be if we’re talking about advertising success rates.

See Your GMB Rankings in REAL time

Are you looking for a new way to rank better in Google?

Would you like to rank better in Google? Clicks Matter is a company that helps businesses increase their rankings. When we see where your business ranks and in what area, we can help you do better. The more green dots (1) your map has, the better off you are with us. We will show you how to rank well if you book our free demo session today!

Do you need help with your Google My Business suspension?


Have you ever got that dreaded email from Google saying your Google My Business listing has been suspended? Your heart sinks to to floor as you realise that your business depends on this listing! Don’t fear as Clicks Matter is here to help you and your business get back online, we don’t offer ANY guarantee on you getting your listing back but we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee if we can’t help you. Book your free 15 min call and we will try and see if we can help you get your suspended Google My Business back online.


Will this work for my Business?

People always ask me “Will this work in my industry?” The short answer is yes. If you have a local business that you service clients or clients come to you, this will work perfectly, for example, if people are typing in Google >>”Your niche + near me or “Your niche in location, Here is a typical search query in Google search, Chiropractor near me or Chiropractor in Johannesburg” you need to get a Google My Business ASAP. Here are just a few industries that this will work for: Chiropractors, Dentists, Optometrists, Plumber, Electrician, Restaurants, Day Spa’s, Schools, Churches……and and and

**Please note this list is endless and I wont be able to list all business here. Give us a call today and I will let you know if this will work for your local business

What is included in your Monthly package


See what some of our happy Google My Business clients say


Thanks to Clicks Matter I now get more than 25 calls a month thanks to them helping me with my Google listing. These guys know what they are doing

Karri Winikus

My phone has never rang this much in all the time I started my plumbing business. Thanks to Clicks Matter I get more business than I can handle

Nwabisa Mpumlwana

I never thought my business would ever get off the ground. Now I have employed another team to help with the overflow of work. Clicks Matter is the real deal

Craig Bezhudenhout

My practice was struggling to get new clients, now I am booked a week in advance. These guys changed my business in less than 3 months. Thanks guys I will always be truly grateful 

Karen Schmidt Allen

Price for our Google My Business service


Get the rankings you deserve
R3499 Monthly
  • 10 social postings (per month)
  • 6 Images (per month)
  • 6 FAQ added (per month)
  • Monthly reporting
  • Keyword Research
  • Monitor 10 Keywords
  • 1 Blog post (per month)
  • Generate reviews
  • Build GMB Website
  • Answer reviews
  • Access to our WhatsApp group


Slow and steady gets you there
R1999 Monthly
  • 2 social postings (per month)
  • 2 images (per month)
  • 2 FAQ Added (per month)
  • Monthly reporting
  • Keyword Research
  • Monitor 5 Keywords

Numbers don't lie - Check out some of the results we are getting for some of our current clients using Google My Business


Frail Care Centre

Car Service Centre

Moving company

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